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Dec 2018 18

Call or txt 07887803967 if you need your iPhone 8, 8 plus or X rear glass replaced.

Dec 2018 18

It’s been a busy week, here are some of our repairs:

• 5 x iPad Air screen repairs for local school
• iPad Mini screen repair
• iPhone 6S+ backlight repair for local shop
• iPhone 5S water damage data recovery
• iPhone 6S screen repair
• iPhone 5C battery replacement
• iPhone 7 screen and battery replacement
• iPhone 7 logic board fault diagnostic using our new FLIR camera.

If you need help with your Apple device, from basic screen repair to advance logic board repair, please get in touch. Call or txt 07887803967.

Merry Christmas from Ben & Stacey.

Dec 2018 18

We are back to repairs after a recent break. Repairs include:
• MacBook Pro Retina Screen Replacement
• iPhone 6S screen repair
• iPhone 6 screen repair
• iPhone SE water damage diagnostic
• iPhone 6 screen repair
• iPhone 5S battery replacement
• iPhone 6 home button refurbishment
• 10 x iPad Air touchscreen replacements
If you want to book your Apple device txt 07887803967

Dec 2018 18

We’ve been busy this week replacing the touchscreens on iPads for a local school. 21 in total, with 10 turned around in just 3 days.

We can offered a good discount on large quantities. Email or txt for details.

Dec 2018 18

It’s been a busy week as usual, a few of the more interesting repairs below.

• iMac SSD replacement & Fresh Install of MacOS 10.14
• iPhone 6S Screen Replacement with free screen protector.
• iPhone 6S Plus Screen and battery replacement.
• iPhone 7 rear camera lens replacement.
• iPad 4th gen dock replacement.
• iPhone 7 home button repair for missing home button using modified dock flex.
• Forgotten PIN number repair using DFU mode restore on iPad mini

Remember we don’t use cheap Chinese copied parts including screens. We’ll only fit new or refurbished original parts. This ensures a hassle free experience when you come to update to the latest iOS.

If you need any advise or a quote txt Ben on 07887903967

Dec 2018 18

Busy start to the week.

Just batteries and screens this week.

Dec 2018 18

Been a busy start to the week, repairs include:

• MacBook Pro, health check/clean, 500GB SSD and fresh install of Mac OSX 10.11
• 3 x iPhone 7 screen replacements
• iPhone 6 battery replacement
• iPhone 7Plus dock connector replacement
• iPad Air & iPhone 7 screen repairs
• iPhone 6S backlight repair
• iPhone 6S Plus water damage diagnostic, ultrasonic clean and screen replacement.

Nov 2018 17

Moving Day

Posted In Home Page

We’ve finally moved to our new home in Penn Hill, its taken us 6 months but we’re in.  

Our new address is:

159 Parkstone Avenue,
Penn Hill,
Lower Parkstone,
BH14 9LP.  

Its been a exciting journey and we are very thankful to all our faithful customer since we opened in 2011.

If you need a repair, send us a text message to 07887803967 or email .


Sep 2018 11

We’ve been busy repairing our customers iPhones while their enjoying the Bournemouth Air Show.

Sep 2018 11
Sep 2018 11
Sep 2018 11
Sep 2018 11
Sep 2018 11

iPhones don’t like the hot weather either. If you battwey life has taken a nose dive we can help. Battery replacements using original quality batteries for as little as £25.

Sep 2018 11

This iPhone 6S Plus looks a lot worse than it actually is. The LCD screen has suffered impact damage making the liquid bleed out the crystal structure. After replacing the screen using a part with an original Apple LCD, it was back to its former glory.

The repair took less than an hour and came with 90days no quibble warranty.

Don’t be fooled by companies offering lifetime warranties, get original parts fitted first time around!

Sep 2018 11

Don’t let your Macbook overheat this summer. Book it in to be stripped and cleaned using static safe safe brushes and air buster.  A customer brought in their 2011 17″ Macbook Pro that was overheating during normal use.  We removed the bottom cover to reveal blocked fans and heatsinks.  We used an anti static air duster and brush to remove the dust build up.  We replaced the thermal compound on the heatsink and then reassembled.

After running a burn in test utility we could see straight away it was running 25-35% cooler.

Sep 2018 11
Jun 2018 22
Jun 2018 22

Jun 2018 22

Apr 2018 24

Our new Amscope 90x zoom microscope arrived this week, along with our Quick hot air station and JBC nano soldering station. We have lots of experience in removing and re-balling iPhone 7’s audio codecs, it’s now just 10 times easier!

See our prices page here:  iPhone 7 Audio Codec Repair

Apr 2018 24
  • iPhone 6 charging fault, replaced Tristan IC
  • iPhone 6S Screen and backlight filter repair
  • iPhone 6 Screen Repair
  • iPad Air 1st gen digitiser repair
  • iPad 4 battery and USB charge controller IC
  • iPhone 6S Dock Replacement
  • iPad mini iTunes error 21 repair
  • Pute maxi pop DAB radio amplifier IC repair

Apr 2018 24

Apr 2018 24

Apr 2018 24

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