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Any closure due to COVID-19 will be announced on our website.

All devices are cleaned before and after the repair using a 99% IPA (Alcohol).

We are offering out of hour repairs for NHS and key workers and a collection and drop off service for those self-isolating.  Please call 07887803967 or 01202 764197 to book an appointment.

Mar 2020 22

If your tied of looking for someone to repair your “iPhone X rear glass repair in Bournemouth” then you’ve come to the right place.

Have you watched videos on youtube and are tempted to try this repair yourself?  Using a heatgun and pry tools can cause damage to the wireless charing coil, cameras, battery or logic board through multiple heat cycles and excessive leverage.  Excessive heat to the lithium ion battery could make it explode.

Also you have to be very careful when disassembling the iPhone XR and X, as any damage to the FaceID camera assembly or flex cable can permanently disable the FaceID feature.

We use the latest laser technology to accurately heat the adhesive behind the rear glass without applying excessive heat.  We also use a two part adhesive system to ensure the new glass is secured securely to the rear frame.

If you need the rear glass on your iPhone 8, 8+, XR or X replaced then contact Bournemouth iPhone Repairs on 07887803967, 01202 764197 or complete the online booking page here:

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If you’ve searched “iPhone battery replacement near me” and live in Bournemouth or Poole then Bournemouth iPhone Repairs can help bring your tired iPhone a new lease of life.
Battery replacements for the iPhone range from £25-35 depending on model, they take an hour to fit and come with 90 days warranty. Contact Ben on 07887803967 to book an appointment.
Battery health menu and the word service.

This photo shows an phone 7, displaying battery health menu and the summary ‘service.’

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Mar 2020 10

Mar 2020 05

iPhone Rear Glass Replacement using Laser Fibre machine for iPhone 8, 8+, X and XR.

Prices as follows:
IPhone 8 £59
IPhone 8+ £65
IPhone X/XR £69

The repair is carried out over night repair as we need to ensure the new adhesive is fully cured.

Contact Ben on 07887803967

Mar 2020 05

The iPad Air 1st generation is now 6 years old and we’ve seen a steady incline in battery replacements. If your iPad battery doesn’t last very long, or won’t go past the battwey symbol get in touch.

We can fit an original battery to an iPad Air 1st Gen for £59 and reuse the original touchscreen.
Contact Ben on 07887 803967 to book an appointment.

Mar 2020 05

An hours work shrunk down to 24seconds!
We use the best quality parts and adhesives available and a process perfected over the past 8 years to give a finish that’s 10/10.
If you want to book an appointment or just looking for a quote, contact Ben on 07887803967

Mar 2020 05

This iPhone SE was suffering from poor battery life; not being able to last even half a day without having to be put back on charge.
Lithium ion batteries does last forever, each time you charge your iPhone your reducing its battery life by a tiny percent.
Don’t worry though, as we regularly get iPhones with 1200+ charge cycles in for replacements. 1200 cycle cycles would be an over night repair every day for just over 3 years.

If you think you need a battery replacement, contact us on 07887903967 to book an appointment.