Nov 2020 01

We’re open, operating with social distancing measures.

All devices are cleaned before and after the repair using a 99% IPA (Alcohol).

We are operating a drop off service only, please call 07887803967 or 01202 764197 to book an appointment.

Oct 2020 04

📱  iPhone 8, Black, 64GB, Unlocked – £269 – SOLD
📱  iPhone 8, Rose-gold, 64GB, Unlocked £269 – SOLD
📱  iPhone 8+, White, 64GB – Unlocked £269
📱  iPhone X, Black, 64GB – Unlocked £299, No Face ID. – SOLD
⭐️  Fully Tested, 3 months warranty
⭐️  Brand New battery, 100% health
⭐️  Boxed with all new accessories
⭐️  Unlocked to all networks
⭐️  Excellent condition
⭐️  Glass screen protector
Call Ben on 07887803967 or 01202 764197 if interested.
Sep 2020 22

⚠️⚠️⚠️ iPhone & iPad – iOS 14 ⚠️⚠️⚠️ PLEASE SHARE

If you have an iPhone 7 or 8 and later generation iPad Pro’s – DO NOT update your phone to iOS 14 yet.

We have noted the following issues:

iPhone 7 – front and back camera failing after update, wifi not working in some devices, phone is overheating and draining battery really quick.

iPhone 8 – main / back camera failing, phone restarting every few minutes.

iPhone 8 plus – only charging when screen is on.

iPad Pro’s – wifi not working.

We are still able to downgrade and sign to 13.7.1 however this may be be removed in a few days. Our advise is skip iOS 14 update for a few weeks, at least until iOS 14.0.1 is out. We’ll keep you posted.


Sep 2020 19

Below are the steps carried out by our engineer while replacing the screen on your iPhone XR. We wait the finished product to be as close to factory as possible, so take a few extra steps that others don’t

Step 1. Before repair diagnostic.

We test your iPhone before the repair to evaluate what working and what’s not before the repair. The most important feature on an iPhone X and above is FaceID. We make sure this works before removing the screen.

Step 2 – Remove screen and clean

We remove the original screen, adhesive seal and any dust or sand inside the iPhone. We then clean the inside edge of the iPhone with a cleaning solvent.

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Sep 2020 05
  • iPhone X dot projector repair
  • iPad 4 Mini LCD/Touchscreen repair
  • iPad Pro 12.9” daughter board repair
  • iPhone 6S USB charge IC replacement
  • iPhone 6S battery replacement
  • iPhone Air dock socket replacement
  • Amiga 600 OLED screen retrofit
  • iPhone X Water damage repair
  • iPad Pro screen repair

If you need an iPhone or iPad repaired, contact Ben on 07887803967

Sep 2020 05
  • iPhone 8 rear glass repair
  • iPhone XR screen programming
  • iPhone 8 rear glass repair
  • iPad mini 2 screen replacement
  • iPhone 7 Plus housing swap
  • iPhone X rear glass repair
  • iPhone 6S mute button replacement
  • iPhone XS rear glass replacement
  • iPhone 7 screen replacement

If you need your iPhone repaired and looking for a specialist then call Ben on 07887803967

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May 2020 05

May 2020 05