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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions frequently asked by customer before and after their repairs:

Q: “So, whats the difference between an original and after market iPhone screen?”

A: There is a huge difference between original and after market iPhone screens.

An original Apple screen assembly uses an ‘incell’ touchscreen thats built directly into the LCD screen.  Aftermarket Chinese screens use an older and cheaper touchscreen technology called ‘on-cell’ where an additional glass touchscreen is adhered to the LCD screen using optically clear adhesive sheets.  To accommodate for the additional touchscreen layers, the Chinese factories use thinner outer glass to keep the overall screen thickness consistent with the original.  The table below shows the different glass thicknesses.

comparision of iphone screen thickness between original and copies

What does it mean?  Well if you’ve had a Chinese screen fitted during a repair, its going to smash easier that the original.  Thankfully, Bournemouth iPhone Repairs use original refurbished screen assemblies with ‘in-cell’ touchscreen technology.


Q: “Apple don’t sell iPhone screens, so yours can’t be original!”

A: Bournemouth iPhone Repairs use original refurbished iPhone screens in their repairs.  If its just the outer glass thats smashed or cracked on your iPhone screen, then its possible for us to refurbish the underlying LCD with new glass.  The resulting product is as good as you can get on the market, without taking a screen off a new iPhone or taking it to Apple directly.