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iPhone 7 Loop Disease, Audio Codec Fault Repair.

At Bournemouth iPhone Repairs we have the in house equipment and experience to offer a repair solution for the iPhone 7 Loop disease, also known as the Audio Codec fault. If your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus has one of the following symptoms we’ll be able to help.

• Freezing on the Apple Logo
• Taking longer than normal to boot
• Hanging or freezing on home screen
• Greyed out speaker button when making calls
• No Audio during calls, can’t be heard during call.
• Record button in Voice memos app greyed out.

Loop Disease or Audio Codec fault is very common on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. A tiny copper trace on the logic board is fractured as a result of being drop or the rear shell becoming bent.

The fix is to replace the audio ic chip and run a micro-jumper across the fractured trace. The repair is generally carried out over night, depending on work load, however we may require up to 7 days if there are other faults discovered.

The price is £75 and comes with 90 days warranty.


(Below) – iPhone 7 with an audio codec fault.  Inside the voice recorder app, the record button is greyed out.
iPhone 7 that isn't showing the loud speaker button which is caused by an iPhone 7 audio codec fault and is also know as a audio codec fault or iPhone 7 boot loop disease.  Come to bournemouth iPhone repairs which is not a shop, but a private electronics workshop with the latest nano soldering equipment
(Below) – iPhone 7  logic board carefully removed from its rear shell.  The emc shield has been removed to expose the audio codec IC
We are not bournemouth iPhone repair shop or by Bournemouth iPhone Repairs

(Below) – iPhone 7 logic board inside purpose made PCB holder, with ChipQuik flux applied.
iPhone 7 Plus with a boot loop issue.  The apple logo shows and then restarts

(Below) – iPhone 7 Audio Codec IC. The damaged trace is the under the IC, so it has to be removed.

(Below) – iPhone 7 now fully working.  Record button inside the voice recorder app working as it should.