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This is all of the microsoldering equipment that we use in most of our logic board repairs and other work that we do. We like to tinker with new tools, so this list will be updated as we get new tools.

Must Haves:

Amscope 3.5X-45X Simul-Focal Stereo Zoom Microscope on Dual Arm Boom Stand

Notes: Having a good quality stereoscope is at absolute must! It allows you to zoom from 3.5x to 45x without having to refocus. Without it, you can’t even see some of the 01005 surface mount components used using all the iPhone logic boards.

Price: £535.00 | Buy this from Amazon

JBC Nase 2B Nano Soldering Rework Station

Notes: This is the Royals royce of soldering stations.  It has 0.1mm tips for both the nano soldering pencil and the rework hot tweezers.

Price: £985.00

Quick 861DW Hot Air Rework Station

This 1200 watt hot air station makes jobs quick and easy.  It has three pre-set positions so you have quick access to the most common temperature and airflows combinations

the best hot air station available for iPhone logic board repairs

Price £225.00