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Why Choose Bournemouth iPhone Repairs

A customer shared the following photo with us recently from an established iPhone repair shop on Bournemouth High street. We couldn’t wait to share it with you.  This is why you should’t get your iPhone repaired on the high street, come to Bournemouth iPhone Repairs instead for a professional repair.

Repairing an iPhone wrong, screws everywhere, FONE WORLD Bournemouth

The photo shows an iPhone 5 having its logic board removed, probably to have the rear camera replaced, or maybe the lightening dock connector.  The repair guy is answering the phone, talking to customers and taking payments.

Notice he’s just placing the screws down on the desk. I’m sure he has a system and it’s worked time and time again. However I wonder how many times he’s lost a screw or fitted a screw in the wrong place. Probably more times than he’s let on.  He’s also taking no anti-static precautions at all.  No anti-static mat or wrist band.  Tut Tut!

Fitting screws in the wrong place, doesn’t sound like a major issue, but it is.  For example if you fit a screw thats too long on the LCD bracket inside an iPhone 5S, you can damage the multi-layered tracks on the logic board, causing blue screen crashing and overheating issues. The good news is that its fixable, but its not cheap.

Also, missing out a screw while re-assembling an iPhone 4S,  can reduce the WiFi reception range by up to 80%.

Bournemouth iPhone Repairs

We are continually refining our repair process, we don’t operate on the high street and so don’t have continual distractions.  Our staff are degree trained in Electronic’s and have years of experience.

We pull out all the stops to ensure that your iPhone is looked after as well as it can be.  Have a look at the photo below showing our iPhone 6 Screen replacement process.

Some of the extra steps we take are:

1. We use our specially designed compartmented boxes to store all the tiny screws and brackets.
2. We always wear an static wrist band while carrying out our repairs.
3. We use a plastic pick, not a metal spudger to ease the broken screen away from the rear chassis. This is to ensure that we don’t scratch your rear cover.
4. Once the Screen is removed, we straighten any damaged corners using a special jig.
5. We disassemble the broken iPhone screen using specialist tools. Extremely fine tweezers for example at £62 at pop and non-magnetic screw drivers.
6. When fitting the new screen, we replace the home button rubber gasket with a brand new one and also fit conductive foam spacers to the LCD and touchscreen connectors.
7. We clean all metal parts removed during the repair with an alchocol to ensure that they are still electrically grounded to the rear chassis when being refitted.

If you’ve had your iPhone repaired else where and feel that its not behaving correctly, contact us and we’ll offer you a free diagnostic service to put things right.