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Apr 2013 10

I get asked quite frequently what the difference is between the screens we use versus the screens you can buy from eBay.  The following post explains the quite subtle but very important differences.

The photo below shows the screen we use on the left and a screen you can buy on eBay on the right.

20130501-013202 PM.jpg

Above: Left: Bournemouth iPhone Repairs supplied screen. Right: eBay iPhone 4S Screen

The photo below shows the extra two adhesive pads added to the LCD and touchscreen connectors as fitted by Apple. These extra pads ensure that the two connectors are electrically grounded and the LCD displays a crisp picture.  When the metal retaining clip is fitted, which also doubles as the wireless antenna, that the correct pressure is applied keeping them fully seated even after being dropped.  Also added to the LCD screen is a new 3 piece speaker mesh assembly rather than having to reuse the existing mesh, like other repairers.

Above: A picture of an iPhone 4S screen supplied by Bournemouth iPhone Repairs

The eBay iPhone 4S screen comes supplied with no conductive pads on the touchscreen and LCD connectors. Also no speaker mesh.
20130501-013222 PM.jpg

Above: A picture of an iPhone 4S bought from eBay.

The photo below shows our supplied screen, it includes a UV filter and foam gasket over the proximity sensor window, the 3 piece speaker mesh fitted and a new adhesive ring around the camera lens holder. 
 20130501-013231 PM.jpg

Above: A picture of an iPhone 4S screen supplied by Bournemouth iPhone Repairs

The eBay iPhone 4S screen comes supplied with no speaker mesh, no UV light filter or foam gasket around the proximity sensor window and no ways of securing the camera lense assembly.  Without the UV light filter and foam gasket the display wont turn off when you raise the phone to your face.  This will generally mean you'll press the end call, mute or hold button with your cheak.  Very annoying!!
20130501-013240 PM.jpg

Above: A picture of an iPhone 4S bought from eBay.

Apr 2013 19

A customer phoned up today and confessed to a DIY earpiece repair. He had dropped his iPhone 4S and the earpiece speaker had stopped working. After attempting a repair himself, he was left with a phone with a non working LCD screen, although he had successfully repaired his earpiece speaker!

After a bit of investigation, it looked as though the LCD ribbon was damaged, which meant the whole LCD/Touchscreen unit would need replacing.

20130419-074711 PM.jpg

The phone arrived in bits, with a few screws missing.

20130419-074840 PM.jpg

After a new LCD was fitted, a full 30point test was completed the phone was as good as new.

The customer was charged £65 for a new touchscreen fitted, a rubber grommet and 3 screws.

He went away very happy.

Aug 2013 10

A customer dropped of their iPhone 4S today, it looked in very bad shape.  The iPhone turned up in the condition as below.  The bottom and top of the screen were totally smashed up, with only tape holding the glass together.  The home button assembly was completely separated from the front glass

20130810-113410 AM.jpg

After the new parts were fitted, the phone looked as good as new. The customer was charged just £70 and went away very happy.

20130810-113418 AM.jpg