Sep 2013 12

The next iteration of the apple mobile operating system; iOS 7.0 is due for release on September 18th. If you have an iPhone 4 or newer, an iPad 2 or newer, or an iPod Touch 5th generation then it’s well worth updating. The entire iOS has been updated with some excellent new features. An updated user interface will be instantly apparent, with fresh looking icons and layout. The camera app has had a major update, as well as the messages and mail app. My favourite update is the ability to turn WiFi and Bluetooth on and off from the home screen.

Before you update your iOS, it’s well worth performing a backup. There are a few way to do this. The first is to plug your device into your computer and sync with iTunes, this will automatically backup your device. The second is to backup to the cloud, to do this; on your device go to settings, iCloud, storage & backup and turn on iCloud backup if not already on. Ensure that your connected to your WiFi and plugged into a charger and the rest should happen automatically.

If your unsure on how to backup and install the iOS, but don’t want to miss out, give Bournemouth iPhone Repairs on 01202 764197 to find out how.

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Aug 2012 12

The iPhone 5 will ship to eager Apple fans on Friday, September 21, according to sources close to Apple.

Apple Iphone 5

A Chinese source leaked the release date to a French website called App4Phone yesterday, providing the specific date.

The source also confirmed the new controversial port on the base of the phone, which will make older accessories obsolete unless a separate adapter is purchased.

We all know the phone as the 'iPhone 5', unless Apple decides on another moniker like it did with the iPad 3, which it officially called 'the new iPad'.

Other revelations include the headphone socket moving from the top-left of the phone to the bottom-left of the phone, and that the screen will be 3.75 inches.

This is an increase on the 3.5" of previous models, but perhaps smaller than some fans might like, after being introduced to the 4.8" screens of models like the Samsung Galaxy III or the HTC One X.

The source was an unnamed Chinese accessory manufacturer, who claimed to have been given the date directly from Apple.

So far, leaks from within Apple have suggested an October launch.

Pegatron – one of Apple's normal suppliers – has begun production of the new phone already, according to a report in DigiTimes.

The manufacturer will also be working on a smaller iPad later in the year.

The new iPhone will have an even thinner screen thanks to advances in LCD manufacturing, according to reports.