Jul 2013 07

A customer brought their iPad 2 in for repair. The customer was a deep sea diver and had taken the iPad into the decompression chamber on many occasions to help with the boredom. On the last trip the screen had suffered damage due to the vast pressure difference and resulted in black spots on the LCD, see below.


A new LCD screen was fitted and it looked as good as new.

Apple iPad 2 lcd fitted for £95

The customer was charged just £110 and that included a new digitiser. What a bargain

Aug 2013 11

A customer phoned today saying that she had attempted a repair on her iPad and had broken one of the touchscreen ribbon cable connectors. The result was that even with a new touchscreen fitted, only half worked.

She didn’t want to pay the £65 to have the socket replaced, instead we were able to offer an intermediate repair for just £25. She went away happy with a working iPad. We were happy to help.

20130811-101152 PM.jpg