Feb 2013 22

A customer brought his daughters iPhone in with a long list of problems.  Not one of the buttons worked, the WiFi reception was weak and the rear case looked tired.

iPhone 3GS A1303 with a scratched rear shell

Above: iPhone 3GS with a scratched and tired looking rear case.

The decision was made to replace the rear case and also the volume, mute, headphone and power button flex cable.  While we were inside we also fitted a new WiFi antenna.  The cost was just £55 and gave the tired looking iPhone 3GS a new lease of life.  The rear cover looks brand fantastic!

iPhone 3GS A1303 with a new rear shell fitted

Above: iPhone 3GS with a new rear case fitted, looking as good as new.

The iPhone 3GS is still fully supported by the Apple iOS updates.  It will accept the latest 6.1 (link) iOS software, so there isn't any need to upgrade yet.