Feb 2013 19

A customer brought in her iPhone 3GS.  She's had it from new and after the 24month contract wanted to use it on a sim free contract. 

One problem, charging the battery every night for over two years had caused the battery to stop taking on any charge at all.  Lithium-ion batteries as used in all modern mobile phones are guaranteed for around 500-750 charges.  As batteries are always kept in stock, we had this phone turned around within a hour.

iPhone 3Gs that wont turn on - its stuck on the battery charging logo

Above: iPhone 3GS 16GB that's stuck on the charging screen, it wont turn on and wont charge

The phone would not charge up to the magic 5% required for the phone to boot.  Removing the front screen assembly, disconnecting the various FPC's and removing the main logic board reveals the battery.

With the battery removed, a replacement is fitted.  With the phone reassembled and placed on charge, the phone boot up to the home screen.  The customer was charged £30 and went away very happy.

iPhone 3Gs replacement battery fitted

Above: iPhone 3Gs with screen assembly and logic board removed, showing the battery.