Feb 2013 04

A customer brought their iPhone 4 in today with a proximity sensor fault.  They had their screen repaired by another local repair company, all looked fine until they noticed the screen didn’t turn off during a call.  This became very annoying over the following weeks where numerous times they had either ended the call or put the caller on hold by pressing buttons with their cheek.

iPhone 4 proximitry sensor location with ambient Light Sensor

ABOVE: iPhone 4 midframe showing front camera, Ambient Light Sensor and Proximitry Sensor.



The solution to the problem was to strip the phone, remove the new screen and fit a UV light filter and foam pad over the proximity sensor.  While the phone was apart a new earpiece mesh, camera right and LCD/Touch screen FPC foam spacer pads were fitted.  We always fit these parts when we fit a new screen because if Apple thought they were needed then so do we.


The customer was charged just £30 and had a phone that worked as it should.