Sep 2020 19

Below are the steps carried out by our engineer while replacing the screen on your iPhone XR. We wait the finished product to be as close to factory as possible, so take a few extra steps that others don’t

Step 1. Before repair diagnostic.

We test your iPhone before the repair to evaluate what working and what’s not before the repair. The most important feature on an iPhone X and above is FaceID. We make sure this works before removing the screen.

Step 2 – Remove screen and clean

We remove the original screen, adhesive seal and any dust or sand inside the iPhone. We then clean the inside edge of the iPhone with a cleaning solvent.

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Step 3 – Adhesion promoter

We then apply an adhesion promoter to the frame edge. This takes about 5 minutes to dry.

Step 4 – Screen Programming

Next we copy the serial numbers from the original screen over to the replacement screen. This ensures that there are no issues with TrueTone, the ambient light sensor or touchscreen sensitivity.

Step 5 – Applying screen adhesive seal.

We then apply a new frame seal.

Step 6 – Removing the front screen flex assembly and cleaning

We then remove the front flex assembly. This contains the front microphone, earpiece, ambient light sensor and FaceID flood illuminator. Once cleaned we fit this to the new screen

Step 7 – Reassembly and test

We next fit the next screen to the logic board, fit the three securing brackets and 10 screws. We then make sure the flex cables from the new screen have the correct bend radius before fitting the screen into the housing

Step 8 – Compress iPhone in press

After fitting the two bottom screws we put the iPhone into a press for around 5 minutes. This ensure the frame seal is adhered fully.

Step 9 – Full Test

The last step is to fit a screen protector and run a full test.