Feb 2013 04

A customer phoned up in a panic as she had got her phone wet while walking the dog.  A heavy rain shower had appeared out of nowhere causing the dog, customer and phone to become pretty wet.

She called to report that she had followed all our advice for a water damaged phone on the website and wanted to book the phone in for a water damage assessment.


Above: Water damage to iPhone 4S Touchscreen FPC


iPhone 4S water damage to LCD FPC connector

Above: Water damage to iPhone 4S LCD FPC


After stripping the logic board from the phone and looking under the microscope, it was evident what the damage was.  Quite a common fault is mineral deposits to form on the LCD FPC connectors at the top of the logic board.  After a quick clean with PCB cleaning solution and 24 hours drying next to the dehumidifier the LCD FPC was reflowed back onto the logic board and the phone was reassembled for test.


The phone work fined, but as always with water damaged phones a new battery was fitted.  After a full test the customer was re-instated with her phone.